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Treating High Blood Pressure and Bleeding Cough With Pegagan Plants

Mengobati Darah Tinggi dan Batuk Berdarah Dengan Tanaman Pegagan

Did you Know?
Pegagan crops are crops that grow on plantations, roadside, farms and rice fields.  The origin of this plant comes from various countries in the Asian Continent.  This plant can grow absorbently and this plant is a type of plant that blooms all year round.

 In Sundanese this pegagan plant is called antanan rambat, in Indonesian it is called daun kaki dua, in Ujung Pandang it is called pegaga, in Lombok it is called bebele, in Irian it is called sandanan and in Banjar it is called jalukap.

 The benefits of pegagan for health include treating high blood pressure, treating nausea, treating whooping cough, treating vomiting of blood, treating hemorrhoids, treating red and swollen eyes, treating ulcers and bloating, treating asthma, overcoming fever, treating tyfus and treating headaches  .

 This pegagan leaf can also cure diabetes and lower fever lho.  Ways to cure diabetes include washing pegagan leaves first as well as murbei, meniran, cat whiskers and Chinese map until clean, then boil all ingredients with water, wait until the water boils and wait for the water to remain half, then drink.  Do this routine regularly, drinking it three times a day.

 And the way to cure fever is to wash the pegagan leaves first until clean, then boil with water, wait until the water is ripe, then drink.  Do this routine regularly so that the fever goes down quickly.

 Well, that is the meaning of pegagan and its benefits for our health.  And there are also ways to cure diabetes and fever, how easy is not the way?  If so, try it at home and hopefully it will be useful for you, thank you.

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