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Treating Back Pain With Gout Leaf

Mengobati Sakit Pinggang Dengan Daun Encok

Probably very few people know this one plant.  Gout leaves or the Latin name Plumbago zeylanica Linn is a shrub that grows from Africa and spreads in Indonesia.  The origin of this plant comes from Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Pacific islands.

 In Javanese this encok leaf also debuted as encok leaf, in Sundanese it is called ki encok, in Balinese it is called bama, in Timor it is called oporie, in Sumatra it is called ceraka and in Madurese it is called kareka.

 These gout leaves contain plumbagin, 3-3-biplumbagin, chitranone, 3-chloroplumbagin, droserone, 3-6-biplumbagin and 2-hydroxy plumbagin.

 The characteristics of this gout are, among others, the leaves are single, the leaves are interspersed, the length of the stalk is 1.5-2.5 cm, the gills are round egg-shaped to the point, the length reaches 5-11 cm and the width reaches 2-  5 cm, the tip of the gout leaves is pointed, the adventure of the leaves is shiny and green.

 The benefits of gout leaves for health include overcoming back pain, overcoming headaches, urinating, overcoming stomach problems, overcoming digestion, curing fever and diarrhea, treating flu, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant.

 These gout leaves can also treat your urinary incontinence, you know.  How easy it is, that is, wash the gout leaves first with pulosari fennel until clean, then mash the two ingredients until smooth, then rub the herb on the lower abdomen precisely in the bladder position, its use is just 30 minutes so that the skin does not blister.  Do this routine regularly so that your urine can return to normal.

 Well, that is the origin of this gout leaf as well as its content, its characteristics and benefits.  There are also ways to treat urinary incontinence by using gout leaves.  Hope this method is useful for you, thank you for visiting and hope it is useful.

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