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Srikaya fruit can solve the problem of diarrhea

Buah Srikaya Ternyata Bisa Mengatasi Masalah Diare

Did you know?
Srikaya or its Latin name (Annona squamosa), is a plant belonging to the genus Annona that originates from the tropics.  This fruit is very easy to find in Indonesia.  This srikaya fruit tastes legit and refreshing.

 Because this fruit contains vitamin C, vitamin A, calories, potassium, magnesium, protein, carbohydrates, fats, phosphorus, iron, soluble fiber, folic acid, as well as srikaya fruit also has niacin content.

 The characteristics of this srikaya fruit are, among others, this fruit is usually round or similar to a pine cone, the fruit is 6-10 cm in diameter, with bumpy and scaly skin, the flesh of the fruit is white, the tree that grows up to 8 m in height, the shape of the leaves are intermittent,  simple, longitudinal spear, 7-12 cm long, with six yellow-green flowers / petals with purple spots at the base.

 The health benefits of srikaya include treating diarrhea, treating boils and ulcers, killing fleas on the scalp, treating worms in children, preventing cancer, maintaining dental and oral health, healthy eyes, and srikaya can also treat anemia.

 Srikaya can also cure digestive disorders.  How to prepare srikaya leaves, wash srikaya leaves until clean, then mash the leaves until smooth, then mix a little coconut oil, then rub on the stomach.

 Well, you already know what a srikaya is?  Of course you already know, because it has been explained above about the meaning and its content and benefits for health.  Well, if so happy to read yes and hopefully useful for you who have read it, thank you.

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