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Natural Ways to Treat Headaches and Rheumatism With Cassava Leaves

Cara Alami Mengobati Sakit Kepala dan Rematik Dengan Daun Ubi Kayu

Did you know?

     Cassava or its Latin name (Manihot utillssima) is a plant that belongs to the tribe Euphorbiaceae and is a plant with soft or broken tree stems.

 The characteristics of this cassava are round and jagged stems, the leaves have long stalks and the leaves resemble palms and each stalk has 3-8 leaves, the flower is single (monoecus) and the seeds are boxed with 3 seeds.

 Cassava leaves are useful for curing headaches and curing arthritis.  How to cure a headache by using cassava leaves, among others, prepare cassava leaves, then pound the cassava leaves until smooth, then compressed on the forehead.

 And the way to cure rheumatism by using cassava leaves, among others, grind cassava leaves until smooth and soft, then add with betel lime powder, then mix until evenly, then apply it on the sore joints, such as on the hands, feet and back.

 Well, that is the meaning of cassava and its characteristics and also how to cure headaches and rheumatism by using cassava.  Well, if you are having a headache or rheumatism you can try this method by using cassava.  If so, try it at home and hope this method is useful for you, thank you.

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