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It turns out that there are 3 Benefits of Mangosteen for Skin Beauty

Ternyata Ada 3 Khasiat Manggis Bagi Kecantikan Kulit

Mangosteen is a type of plant that belongs to the family Clusiaceae and mangosteen also belongs to the genus Garcinia.  Mangosteen comes from a tropical region that is believed to originate from the archipelago.

 Mangosteen has a rich content of water, energy, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber.  Mangosteen also has nutrients in it include calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc copper and manganese.

 In addition to having a lot of content in it, mangosteen also has benefits for your health and beauty.  Well, below are the benefits of mangosteen for your health and beauty.  Take a good look at the explanation below.

 Treating Cancer

 The method is to prepare about 5 mangosteen skins, then wash the mangosteen skin until clean, then prepare the mangosteen skin using a spoon.  Choose flesh that is purple in color.  Because there are some mangosteen skins that have black spots and usually the skin feels bitter.  Then refine using a blender and add with 150 ml of water, then boil the juice until boiling, wait for the juice to cool.  After that, just drink.  To make it more delicious you can also add honey or condensed milk both white and brown.

 Treating Skin Beauty From The Outside

 The method is 2 mangosteen pieces and take the mangosteen skin, then smooth the mangosteen skin by blending until smooth, then add with 1/2 glass of clean water.  Next, strain it with a fine cloth and let the water from this processing settle.  Make it a mask, after 3 hours you will see the results.  Do this routine regularly every day before bed and clean in the morning with clean water.

 Makes Skin More Ageless

 The trick is to prepare 2 mangoes and 4 glasses of water.  Then wash the mangosteen until clean, then cook until only 2 cups left.  After that, drink regularly 2-3 times a day.  You can also process mangosteen juice like making juice in general.  If it is less sweet, you can also add honey.

 That is the benefit of mangosteen that I can explain above.  Hope this article is useful for you who have read it, thank you.

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