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Consumption Of Papaya Turns Out There Are 5 Benefits For The Body

Konsumsi Pepaya Ternyata Ada 5 Khasiat Bagi Tubuh

Taking Papaya There Are 5 Nutrition For The Body

  For Malaysian poeple, this fruit is no longer a new story.  The calf plant originated in the southern and northern regions of South America, and is now widely distributed and grown throughout the tropics for its fruit.

  Papaya has a lot of nutrients in it, so calves also have many benefits for your beauty.  The nutrient content found in calves includes vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, fat, calcium, protein, carbohydrates and calories.

  Well, before I explain the definition of papaya and the contents of papaya.  Now I will describe some more benefits of papaya for your beauty.  Here are some benefits of papaya for your beauty and how to use it, use it well.

  1. Remove dead skin cells

  The trick is to clean the calf first and mix with a little milk, then use the calf mixture with milk as a face mask, wait a while, then rinse with clean water.

  2. Moisturizes the skin

  The trick is to smooth the beef, then mix it with honey and make it as a face or body mask, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

  3. Get rid of acne

  How to use it, which is to clean the calf and mix it with honey, then rub the skin of the face or acne prone from face to neck, then let stand for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water and dry with a cloth.

  4. Whiten Face

  The trick is to choose a mature calf on the tree (do not buy it from a butcher) because it contains more nutrients if the calf is ripe on the tree.  Then peel the skin and soften until crumbly, then brush evenly on the face, wait 24 minutes and clean again.  Perform this method regularly 2 times a day, ie morning and night.

  5. Eliminate Black Spots

  The trick is to soften the calf until it becomes like a "mushroom", then rub it on the affected area of ​​blackheads on your skin.  You can also mix it with lemon juice.  Leave on for about 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water.  Calf skin can also be useful for excellent scrubs for the knees and elbows.

  Those are some of the benefits of papaya for your beauty.  You can also try one of the methods mentioned above in your home.  All right, have a good try at home and hope this article is useful for you, thank you

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