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Broccoli Has Many Health Benefits For The Body

Selain Enak, Brokoli Juga Banyak Manfaat Kesehatan Terhadap Tubuh

  • Broccoli or Brassica oleracea L. The Italica group is a vegetable that belongs to the cabbage tribe or also Brassicaceae.  The origin of this broccoli is from the Mediterranean region and this broccoli has long been cultivated since ancient Greek times.

  •  These broccoli vegetables entered Indonesia in the 1970s and these broccoli vegetables are quite popular as food.  This broccoli is a vegetable that only lives in cold weather.

  •  The content found in broccoli vegetables is also a lot that has vitamin C, beta carotene, high fiber content, sulforofane, lutein, fiber, and this broccoli vegetable also contains folate.

  •  Broccoli also has many benefits, especially to help the body's organs that are infected with a disease such as cleansing the digestive tract, lowering cholesterol levels in the body, controlling sugar levels, preventing coronary heart disease, keeping bones healthy, preventing eye diseases, reducing risk  cancer of the large intestine, as well as helping to launch the CHAPTER.

  •  Well, that is the meaning, content and benefits of broccoli for the health of the body.  Hope it benefits you, thank you.

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